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He Beat-up His Elder Sister For His Wife

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He Beat-up His Elder Sister For His Wife

Post by Kaffybad on Wed Jan 16, 2013 6:38 pm

I need you guys to comment on this, how right is it for one to beat up his elder sister for his wife?

This is a true life story

His family would love to have him and his wife separated if possible and this has been going on for a while, they believe she is not a good wife.

Recently, his wife and his elder sister had exchange of words somewhere, later the same day, the sister came to their house with intention to fight with the wife over the nasty things she said about her

The wife kept the house door locked so she could not gain entrance into the house to avoid further confrontation, she later alerted her husband on the phone that his sister has come to kill her

When the husband eventually came and met his sister outside, he tried to settle their quarrel all to no avail, he also insisted the sister must not enter the house

This resulted in a fight, he finally whipped and beat up his elder sister (another man's wife) to the extent that she was dripping with blood

Question: Can you beat up your elder sister for your wife, how can this issue be resolved as every member of his family are against him including his mother, should he go and beg them or not?

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